1. Purity and Quality

    Purity and Quality

    The natural purity and unsurpassed quality of Volvic begins with careful source protection and monitoring of the natural spring environment from which Volvic emerges.

    The Volvic Quality Laboratory collects samples and performs analyses throughout the bottling process to ensure that every bottle of Volvic water retains the original characteristics and purity of the water. Hundreds of tests are done daily to ensure consistent balance and purity.

    The Volvic source itself is tested regularly to ensure its continued integrity and stability.

  2. Bottling System

    Bottling System

    The entire bottling system of the Volvic plant has been designed and fully automated to preserve the water’s natural qualities. The water is conveyed to the plant through a stainless steel pipeline where it is bottled immediately without any exterior contact. It takes a short period of time for Volvic water to be drawn from deep inside the volcanic aquifer to a sealed environment inside the bottle, to prevent any possibility of contamination.

  3. Quality Certified

    Quality Certified

    Volvic water is inspected and certified by the French Public Health Ministry, and complies with European regulations and follows guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    NSF International (The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM – www.nsf.org) also includes Société des Eaux de Volvic as an active participant in the NSF Bottled Water Certification program for compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Quality Control

Packaging Engagement

Volvic’s engagements for packaging reduction are simple:

Between 2008 and 2012, Volvic has decreased the amount of plastic weight used in its bottles worldwide by up to 6.5%.

100% Recyclable Bottles

PET is a 100% recyclable material. Our bottles and caps are made of PET and therefore are 100% recyclable. Our Volvic bottles are clearly labeled on the bottom “#1” with the PET recycling code. Our Volvic packaging is not made from materials containing Bis-phenol A (BPA).

Check to see if facilities exist in your area and help us recycle!

Packaging Engagement

The Source

Since 1963 we have been managing our water source in the most sustainable way. The objective is to protect water quality and quantity for future generations.

Volvic bottles only 15% of the natural flow of the resource, and respects seasonal fluctuations. Expert hydrogeologists determine the annual sales quantities that Volvic will bottle.

The Factory

Since 2008, Volvic is certified ISO 14001 for its environmental management.

The Transport

Volvic actively favors the use of clean transport such as rail from the bottling plant to the nearest port versus road transportation. When shipping to North America, Volvic uses maritime transport.

Reasonable Production

The carbon footprint of a product is defined as the total emission of greenhouse gases linked to a product, across its life cycle, from the production of raw material (packaging and product itself) to its end of life.

Since 2008, Volvic has reduced its carbon footprint by 40% thanks to strong efforts on the two main activities contributing to carbon footprint: packaging and distribution.


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Carbon Footprint Reduction