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A major international brand, Volvic in the 2nd largest brand of premium water sold world-wide.

Since its creation in 1958, The Volvic Company has expanded continuously to become one of the most dynamic companies in its sector. Since 1993, the Volvic Company has been part of the Danone Group.

Distributor of Choice for North America: Volvic is distributed in North America by Brands Within Reach, LLC

Brands Within Reach, LLC was formed to contribute added choices to the increasing appetite of North American consumers for healthier beverages. Our stated goal is to establish and to support differentiated brands that contribute to healthy living, by focusing on the product differentiation, distribution ubiquity and consumer loyalty.

Brands Within Reach, LLC is the exclusive importer and distributor of Volvic Natural Spring Water in the United States and Canada.

More information available at www.bwrgroup.com





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